Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Here are the deserts:

(You Can You Either a Stove/Grill/Couldron)

1. Aquarus Jelly: Asparagus, Fish Sticks and Jelly.
2. Banana Split: Cherries, Ice Cream Cone and Banana.
3. Berry Tart: Blueberries, Webkinz Crackers and Rasberries.
4. Bloucocrunch Bread: Chocolate Bar, Blueberry Cheese Cake and Potato Chips.
5. Buffles Waffle Shack: Cupcake, Waffles and Blueberries.
6. Embrangled Crumdingle: Cookies, Licorice and Pretzel.
7. Chudga Bugs: Fuge, Hot Chocolate and Wite Rice.
8. Cinnamon Bun: Raisins, Milk and Bagel.
9. Creme Caramel: Eggs, Milk and Toffee.
Here are the dips:

(youse The Blender To Make These Dips)
1. Spicy Salsa: Asparagus, Tomato and Corn.
2. Veggie Dip: Tomato Soup, Mushrooms and Milk.
these are the drinks:

(Youse The Blender For These Drinks)
1. Strawberry Smoothie: Strawberries, milk and honey.
2. Cara Milkshake: Toffee, Milk and Ice- Cream.
3. Health Juice: Apple, Carrot and Watermelon.
4. Fruit Slushie: Bottled Water, Orange and Cherries.
5. Sweet N' Sour Smoothie: Pink Lemonade, Orange and Milk.
6. Tropical Punch: Fruit Punch, Orange and Pinapple.
7. Shirley Templkinz: Cherry, Fruit Punch and Orange.
8. Ice Frosty: Ice Cream, Bottled Water and Watermelon.
(Youse either your Stove/Grill/Couldron For These Drinks)

9. Baseball Float: Popcorn, Pretzel and Root Beer.
10. Fizzletwist Pop: Cola, Cream Soda and Licorice.
11. Flaneur Vasserfreezen: Popsicle, Bottled Water and Bread.
12. Mushmallo Frosty: Ice Cream Cone, Marshmellows and Mushrooms.

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